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A little fun fact, “zula” means a place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. Zula Hostel, being keen to its branding, adopts the overall concept of home, assuring their clients that they have found their zula in the busy streets of Poblacion, Makati.


Zula Hostel flaunts its Mediterranean interiors through the use of patterned tiles, wood tones and steel. The space maybe a little tight but the overall vibe of the restaurant is still warm and cozy. The main highlight of the space would be the vibrant mosaic -tiled accent wall which is perfect for the gram.


I haven’t eaten a lot of Mediterranean cuisines to be considered a good judge, but the food from Zula Hostel’s Restaurant is unexpectedly good! We were able to try some of the crowd favorites and each of them were all above expectation! But to be honest, their food was great but their sauces were the best! They have zula sauce (their homemade special sauce) and tahini sauce (sesame sauce) — these two mixed together, added to any of their food variants, creates a very sensational flavor!

Here are some the food we were able to try:

FALAFEL BALLS (200php) – Deep fried ground chickpea balls served with Tahina and Zula Sauce. Five pieces in one bowl.

LABANEH (250php). Traditional Mediterranean cheese made from Greek Yoghurt, grilled artichokes, tomatoes, chopped walnuts , spring onions, za’atar, drizzled with date syrup and olive oil. This one is served with Sesame Bagel.

Tip: Take a piece of the sesame bagel and take a huge dip on the labaneh. You’ll be amazed by the mix of flavors!

FOOLPROOF SHAKSHOUKA (300php). Poached egg in tomato and pepper sauce, seasoned with our secret mix of spices, served with house bread.

Tip: Same procedure, take a piece of bread, and dip it wholly to the shakshouka then put a generous amount of tahini and zula sauce! The harmony of the sauces will get you astounded!

ARAYES (Php350). Grilled pita with a mixture of beed and lamb. Served with fresh Mediterranean Salad and pickled lemons on the side.

For this one, make sure to try the pickled lemons — its amount of sourness is deliciously addicting! For The goat lamb, you may lift the flavor with tahini and zula sauce or you may eat is as is (without any additional sauces). The mediterranean salad is good as well! This dish is actually my favorite!

HALVA PARFAIT (left – Php 200) – My favorite. Rich mixture of cream and vanilla halva, topped with roasted pistachios, drizzled with dates syrup.

MALABI (right – P200) – Coconut cream pudding, topped with rose water syrup, discated coconut, and roasted pistacchios.

The food may be a bit pricey but I assure you the quality is worth it! They don’t have food bundle packages for groups, but the serving size of each food variant can be good for 2-3 persons.

Also, their menu is quite extensive as well. Zula Restaurant maybe a warm, cozy restaurant at daylight, but it can also be your go-to wild party place at night. They serve cocktails and beer at an affordable price!

We were only able to try the Restaurant, but I heard the Zula Hostel is actually one of the most affordable hostels in Poblacion. Online reviews regarding their service and accommodation are of top rates as well. Maybe next time I’ll dine, I’ll stay as well! 🙂

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