Tara sa Laguna: Aquascape Lake Caliraya

If you could escape the city where would you go? Are you the type who prefers to be all sporty and adventurous or are you one of those chill-type explorers who just want to be embraced by nature?

What if you can do both? Let’s say you find a vernacular, rustic-themed villa, surrounded by lush greens, fronting a breathtaking view of a man-made lake… And whilst you are there, you can either chill in your own cabin or do extreme water sports activities by the lake! Perfect, right?

Aquascape Lake Caliraya — a lakeside resort situated on the Ecosaddle of Cavinti, Laguna, a campsite on a small peninsula dotted with small resorts along the south shore of Lake Caliraya — is the best choice to satisfy the introversion and extroversion in you. Here, whether you choose to stay indoors, or choose to go extreme with their thrilling water sports activities… you will be able to enjoy your staycation to the fullest and achieve the relaxation you deserve.


Rustic and vernacular — the whole resort is an all-Filipino inspired retreat in a rural set-up. Aquascape Lake Caliraya’s main highlight, the Floating House —a cabin on a raft, with a motor — is your go to choice for the accommodation. Not only does it have a clear, picturesque view of the lake, but the interiors of this cabin stands out amongst the others. Also, booking this cabin includes a one-hour Lake Caliraya Cruise, which adds to the overall Aquascape experience.

Floating Cottage – Good for 4 pax, Includes two double beds (P10,000)
Floating Suite – Good for 6 pax, Includes two double beds, 1 floor mattress (P12,000)

Aquascape Lake Caliraya also offers land-based villas that vary depending on the required number of pax. Some of these villas have great view of the Lake so I recommend you choose those for your stay.

Lake View Villa with two double beds

My favorite land-based accommodation would be the Treehouse villa. Is is basically a cabin on stilts very similar to our very own indigenous bahay kubo. It has an open-type ventilation, wooden floors, and a high pitched roof. Inside you will find two mattresses with comforters and pillows. I slept here during our stay (since I was able to try the floating house before, I opted to try this villa during my second stay in Aquascape), and the overall vibe is in between feeling relaxed and somewhat adventurous.

Fun fact: Another reason why I chose to stay here was because it was the week wherein I was watching Crash landing on you… so It felt like I was a military soldier and I had my own base, and I was watching over people. hehe


Aquascape Lake Caliraya is also complete with amenities that you could enjoy while you are there.

  • Karaoke Room
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Infinity Pool
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Fish Spa
  • Grilling / Cooking Station
  • Dining Area
Karaoke Room

The Karaoke room can also be rented as sleeping quarters good for four pax (though there are only sofabeds available. The karaoke is for unlimited use, regardless of number of pax, until 10 pm.

Infinity Pool

This Outdoor Lounge and Infinity is actually new to me. We went here three years ago (2017) and this area wasn’t developed yet. It’s good that Aquascape has managed to improved its facilities but still maintaining its nature-friendly aesthetics.


The best part about Aquascape is that there lots of benches and sunbeds available, and all have a great view of the lake.


As I’ve mentioned, Aquascape Lake Caliraya is home to different water-based and land-based sports activities! Here is a list with the corresponding prices:

  • Jetski- P4000 / hours (good for 2 pax)
  • Bananaboat , Flying Bird – P1500 (alternate use)
  • Kayak- P300/ hr / person
  • Paddleboard – P300/ hr / person
  • ATV – P600/ 15 min (good for 2 pax)
  • Buggy – P600/ 15 min (good for 2 pax)
  • Archery – P2000 (Unlimited Use)
  • Electric Bicycle – P300/ 20 mins/ person


1. An environment fee of P80 will be charged by the local barangay, succeeding nights will be at P40.
2. Weather is relatively cool since it is on higher ground. Make sure to bring your jacket/s
3. Bring your own food and utensils. You may also bring your own rice cooker, pans and charcoal if you wish to use the grilling station
4. The area is not commercialized so there are no restaurants near the resort.
5. Bring your own Towels and Toiletries
6. Standard check-in is 2pm , check-out is 12nn
7. Aquascape, a great view of the stars, perfect for stargazing.


Address: Aquascape Lake Caliraya, Brgy. Kanluran-West Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna, Philippines

1. Via Private Car, search for Aquascape Caliraya using Waze App
2. Ride a public bus bound to Sta Cruz, Laguna. From there, ride a jeep to Lumot, Caliraya and get off when you see a Mt. Carmel sign. 10-minutes walking distance to Aquascape

Instagram: @aquascapeph
Facebook: AquascapePH
Email:  cottagesandmanymore@gmail.com

Fun fact: It’s the 12th day of the Enhance Community Quarantine in Luzon and my extrovert self is already longing for some outdoor fresh air. Since it’s currently Covid-19 season, we had to take precautions by staying at home to avoid the spread of the virus. Although my extrovert self feels trapped, still praying that this crisis will be over soon and when it does .. I will definitely book myself a worthy staycation, starting with Aquascape Lake Caliraya

To everyone who has read this, I hope you are feeling well and I hope you stay safe. This too shall pass! ♥

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