HONOLULU HK CAFE : A Taste of Hongkong Classics

To start off, Honolulu Cafe has nothing to do with Hawaii. This Cafe is actually of Hong Kong origin, famously known for its heaven-sent egg tarts. You should see the long queue this restaurants has in their Singapore and Hong Kong branches. Now, no need to travel overseas because Honolulu Cafe has two branches here in Metro Manila — SM Aura and Robinsons Place Manila — to serve you with their classic Hong Kong menu.

Robinsons Place Manila, one of my go-to malls during my college years, is home to one of Honolulu’s branches in the Metro. Located in the Ground Floor, Pedro Gil Wing, this in-line restaurant unit gives off a warm and vibrant ambiance which is actually one of the distinguishing characteristics of Chinese Restaurants!

Yep, we had our desserts served first! Well, you can’t blame our uneasy desire to try these famous egg tarts first… We have been craving these since Honolulu came to the Philippines (haha)! Their egg tarts are actually very affordable — priced Php 50 each! Anyway, their egg tarts has this wobbly and creamy egg filling with a flaky crust exterior! I enjoyed my egg tarts very much, every bit of its 192- layered crust!

Knowing how much I eat in a day, sweets and pastries wouldn’t make the cut. So we ordered one of their recommended dishes – Hong kong Curry in a Bowl. This curry dish can be with beef brisket, pork, chicken or seafood (shrimp) — I was able to try the beef brisket and chicken. The curry sauce was thick and flavorful. It gives off a nostalgic taste of chinese spices but toned down to satisfy the Filipino palate. I like how tender the chicken is, and how soft the potatoes are on my dish. I partnered this with plain rice but we ordered their seafood fried rice as well just to give it a try.

Honolulu HK Cafe would not be a cafe without pastries and tea. They actually offers various pork buns, all of which are displayed at the front (see facade photo for reference). I was not able to try them all, but my recommended pastry would be the the Bolo Red Bean Bun.

The menu of this restaurant actually goes beyond egg tarts, pork buns, coffee and teas —their’s is actually extensive. They have roasted chicken, rice meals, pastas, noodles and dessert… All of which , for sure, are a must try. Guess I will be coming back to try a different set of their menu someday. But one thing is for sure, their egg tarts are definitely worth the come back!

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