HANAMICHI | Your Newest Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Westgate Alabang

Konnichiwa! Are you currently craving for some Japanese food fix? Perfect timing — I just recently came across this newest authentic Japanese Restaurant in Westgate Alabang which I am sure, can satisfy your Japanese cravings!

HANAMICHI — my recent favorite and discovery thanks to Zomato Philippines — is a Japanese restaurant in Westgate Center, Alabang, that offers a wide selection of premium, authentic Japanese dishes. You can even distinguish the authenticity just by the overall concept of the facade — bold and minimalistic.

The restaurant features a high-ceiling with loft, with aesthetics defined by earth tones and wood furnishings, making the overall vibe of the interiors warm and relaxing. Located at the center is the bar area where you can watch the chef make their masterpiece! BTW, their dining chairs are very ergonomic and visually pleasing, I super loved it!

(note: photo not mine, photo credits to owner)

Fun fact: I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisines — especially sushi. And since this was our first time in Hana Michi, we asked for their most recommended dishes and ordered all those to make the most of the experience. (Note: They currently have promo prices since they just recently opened)

Of course, we had to start our meal with sushi! We ordered the BATTERA SUSHI (also known as boxed mackarel sushi) , an Osaka-type sushi, squared-shaped, with mackarel fillet on top and nori strip in the middle.

We also ordered TEMPURA ala carte (4 pcs). Seriously, I was honestly surprised by how big the shrimp was! Premium quality, indeed!

For the Ramen, we had the Tonkatsu Ramen with 3pcs Gyoza set. I loved that the Ramen was very light and that the serving size can be good for two persons. To my surprise, I also loved their gyoza! (not really a fan, but this one from Hana Michi is so good! Big thanks to my friend for pushing me to try it).

Say hello to their Tonkatsu Curry Rice! Yes I know we already had ramen, but rice is a must in asian lunch meals! hehe. This set also includes veggie salad as side dish and strawberry with condensed milk for dessert— the complete package!

Also this meal set can be good for sharing, especially the curry rice.

Saving the best for last… Here comes the main course, the Hanamichi Kaisen Chirashi! This heaven sent sashimi platter has mackarel, sashimi, sashimi eggs, uni and shrimp all cutely arranged in a bento box. This bento box can be good for 2-3 pax.

Fun fact: I was so quick to take photos (for the gram) because I wanted to eat already. Even just by looking you can tell that the ingredients are of premium quality

My overall experience at Hanamichi was above expectation — my mood was in between feeling relaxed and excited. The ambiance, service were commendable and the food quality — judging by presentation and serving size— is definitely worth the price!
Thanks to Hanamichi, i felt like my love for Japanese food has reached another level! Will definitely go back to try their other dishes.

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