Firehouse Pizza – You’re Brick Oven Pizza in Alabang!

It’s a good day in Alabang indeed, thanks to my newly discovered pizza place — Firehouse Pizza. Located in the ground floor level of Entrata Urban Complex (same building as Crimson Hotel) this pizza place just recently opened their doors last November 2019, blessing the south with their great interiors, good service, homemade sourdough pizza, and oozy cheesy goodness!


Upon entry, the whole area is well-greeted by good natural lighting . The area was bright and vibrant, making the whole ambiance light and inviting. The natural lighting is good for taking photos as well. The interiors are well-defined by the use of earth tones, bricks, steel and concrete, pulling off a great fusion of the Mexican-style and industrial interior design.

In the center of the restaurant is a show kitchen, a high bar counter for sitting adjacent to the restaurant’s main preparation area. Here, the pizzaiolos showcase their skills in pizza making, showing off the spreading of tomato sauce, cheese and other toppings. Yep, all pizzas are made on the spot and you can actually view how they make the pizza from start to finish — which is quite cool actually. Oh, and behind the bar counter, nestled on the center of the back wall, is the brick oven or —as we Filipinos call it — “pugon”.


I guess from the branding itself you’ll realize that their specialty is PIZZA. Their pizza however, isn’t one of those regular type ones made from regular ovens… Firehouse pizza uses brick oven for their heavenly creations. What makes it so special? Brick oven makes the most spectacular pizzas — toppings cooked to perfection, crispy crust exterior , soft and tender interior dough. And the best part, the pizzas cook fast —like legit fast!

Firehouse pizza allows you to choose the kind of cheese topping you would like to have on your pizza. They have (1) Burrato cheese, (2) Bocconcini, and (3) Scamorza — all of which are types of mozarella cheese. In our case, we chose the Burrato cheese.

Their best seller and top recommended — FIREHOUSE PIZZA is generously topped with prosciutto leaves, jalapeño, chorizo, meatballs and salami. Sitting at the center is the burrato cheese, a solid mozarella exterior, ready to unleash its creamy and oozy cheese filling.

There are ten pizza variants in the menu — five signature pizzas and five classics. We were able to try four out of ten, all of which were to my liking. The pizzas that stand out the most, for me, was the Four chesee (the classic one) and the firehouse pizza.

If ever you want to add extra spiciness to your pizza, they have this homemade Firehouse hot sauce (their own recipe). I wasn’t able to try this though because I am not a fan of spicy condiments (hehe).

GARISH GRAVLAX – Vodka-cured beetroot salmon, capers, zucchini and spinach
FOUR CHEESE – Gorgonzolla, parmesan, mozarella, ricotta
SEAFOOD – Shrimp, Mussels, Squid, Garlic, lemon zest


Not a fan of salad, but these ones from Firehouse Pizza had be in one bite! This Burrata salad is a perfect mixture of garden tomatoes, mesclun leaves and balsamic olive oil dressing. Sitting on the top as well, is their signature burrata cheese ready to give the salad extra flavor.

I was also able to try the Mini Calzone and Panzanella Salad as well.

Burrata Salad (P550)


For the beverage, their menu is very extensive — coffee, milkshakes, cocktails, wine and liquors. They have a bar at the corner for mixing cocktails, so you can see the bartenders actually mixing your drinks (area is great for photoshoot btw). We were served Margarita (P350), which is one of their special cocktails since they put chili in addition to the salt for that extra kick of flavor.

I only took a sip of their cocktails because my order was actually Iced Mocha (P200) . Yep, nothing beats the perfect combination of coffee, chocolate and whip cream on top (my forever favorite).


Everyday, Firehouse Pizza presents a dish that is off the menu. During our visit they had the lasagna bites and pizza nachos. We opted to try both since its possible that it would not be available during our next visit. The Nachos wereokay, it had a generous amount of cheesy topping, but it was the lasagna bites that gave us the full satisfaction — we actually ordered extra!

Special of the Day during Firehouse Pizza Visit (Lasagna Bites & Pizza Nachos)

Overall, my visit was great! The staff were all warm and inviting, they even gave us recommendations while we were ordering. Actually, the restaurant itself is worth the come back. It’s very nice and chill, perfect for Sunday family outings, dates or just the usual casual gatherings.

But what had me was their PIZZA — hands down. Well, you can’t have a great pizza place if you can’t up our pizza game (hehe). Firehouse Pizza did just that!

Kudos Firehouse Pizza and welcome to South!

Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Civic Drive, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Opens 11 AM to 10 PM

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